Check if the JSP file on app server is latest

Sometimes deploying the app may not refresh jsp files on app server. So you might see in browser that app has old logic. To confirm that app server doesn’t have latest files go to app server. Typically:

$ssh -A appServer (

Then switch to root

$ sudo su –

Then navigate to the folder

$cd /opt/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/views/

then open the jsp file and see the content

If the file is old, just re-deploy via Jenkins



Living in the Singapore, cost of living, finding the room or apartment

It’s been almost 9 months I’ve worked in Singapore. I will be sharing some information for those whom can benefit from it.

The average cost that I spend per months goes as follow, all values are in SGD:

  1. Rent – 750 for common room(need to pay deposit 1 month when starting the contract )
  2. Transport(bus and mrt) – 70-80
  3. Communications(Singtel) – 70
  4. Food(fruits, lunch, dinner, snacks etc) – 500

Total: ~1400

The best way to find the room or apartment is to ask the agent to find it for you(you will need to pay the agent fee which equates to the half of the rent(for both room or apartment)). I find the agents from most useful(can recommend to email to please note he only handles the apartment rentals)

If you don’t want to pay agent fee, then your best chance is to go to and put your add there.

Another places where to find the room/apartment is, , (in no particular order). Or facebook groups.